Happy November BMI Crew!

This month, let’s practice the attitude of gratitude each and everyday as we approach Thanksgiving! One thing our team is most certainly thankful for is your dedication to health and fitness. We love seeing your sweaty and smiley faces every time you’re at the studio. favorite

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Also, don’t miss Amy C Rad’s article on how to outsmart your emotions and make the right choices for your health and performance.

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Lastly, see our Good For You Recipe section for a new twist on your morning oatmeal routine that’ll even let you hit the snooze button and catch an extra few minutes of Zzz!

Have a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends and family this month!

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Thank you all who came out and/or contributed to our Pound for Pink + Athleta Shop for a Cause event, benefiting Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Together we raised $1300 and had a rocking good time doing it!

PiYo Warriors took it on the road with Amy C Rad for a great Saturday morning workout at Athleta Valley Fair!


Lots of October Babies! Happy Birthday to Rainy, Cammie, Kiana, Amy & Adriana! favorite

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Congratulations to author Stacey Lee on being one of the award recipients at the Annual Literary Awards Festival at the Pen Center USA! If you haven’t read one of her books, you are missing out! favorite

Congratulations to Marine Corps Marathon Finishers Dave Radosevich and Marlies Braade! They are BEASTS from coast to coast!

Check out Amy C Rad being featured in One Lombard, lifestyle magazine for the Bay Clubs!

Hack Into Your Own Emotions

By: Amy Chang Radosevich, MA, ACSM, ACE, AFAA

Holidays tend to bring out a myriad of emotions in people - happiness, sadness, togetherness, loneliness, excitement, stress, anticipation, disappointment...etc. etc. Temptations also seem to be around every corner. Parties, holiday errands and travels can throw off even some of the most disciplined individuals from their fitness and nutrition routines. When you have a moment of weakness and perhaps skipped a scheduled workout, ate or drank a little too much, do you dust yourself off and get right back on track or do you fall into a cycle of self-sabotage and practically give up until tomorrow, next week or next year? If your answer is the latter, perhaps you can benefit from some ways to manage and take control of your emotions so they don’t get in the way of you achieving your goals and performing at the highest level possible.

In a recent article titled “Control Your Moods, Achieve Your Goals” in the IDEA Fitness Journal, the author provided some useful strategies on managing our emotions for positive outcomes.

Find Your Peak Emotional State

First, we must understand characteristics of the emotional state that leads to optimal performance. This state may be different for each individual so we need to observe and take inventory to discover our own unique optimal mood profile. For a period of at least 2 weeks, journal the following four things:

1. On a scale of 1–10 (1 = really bad and 10 = really great), rank your overall mood for the day, as well as your mood just before exercise.

2. Use one word to describe your overall mood and your mood just before exercise.

3. Rank how productive your exercise session was.

4. Write down what you felt was your greatest achievement in your session.

This type of mood journal could easily be adapted for your nutrition habits and choices as well. Once you complete your 2 weeks of journaling, review and highlight any patterns you can find. Use this to help you recreate the emotional state that brings about your best performance.

Animate Your Emotions

One strategy I found to be very interesting and can potentially work wonders is to visualize your emotions as cartoon characters, just like the movie Inside Out. By picturing your emotions as animated characters, you can distance yourself from them and add objectivity. They also become less imposing and serious. You can even put yourself in the role as a parent, listen to these characters and then put them in their place like any effective parent would.

Cognitive Restructuring

This technique has been widely used in the field of psychotherapy. While we often don’t have much control over what thoughts enter our minds, we do have control over how long we let them linger. For example, we can reframe a thought from “I can’t seem to get myself out of this mood” to “I bet if I just show up to Pound class, in 10 minutes I would feel so much better from taking my stress and frustrations out from hitting the sticks and feeding off everyone’s positive energy.”

Another way is to reduce the size of the seemingly insurmountable mountain of emotion by asking “so what.” By adding “so what” to most things that bothers us, it tend to bring perspective to the situation and often can turn our emotional mountains down to molehills. There is so much to be thankful for after all if we truly think about it.

Out Eat Your Emotions

Emotional eating is the culprit of many failed weight loss endeavors. Why not outsmart our emotions by first never waiting til we are “hangry” to eat. Yes this will take some planning and organization so kudos to all of you who make the effort to food prep before the start of each week. If you know you tend to get tired and sluggish right before you leave work to hit the gym, have a snack an hour before so you don’t have to rely on willpower to get you there and you will even perform better in your workout from being adequately fueled. Also, remind yourself that while emotional eating can make you feel good for a short time, is the guilt and sluggish feeling that will most certainly hit right after worth it?

Be the Boss

While there are many other ways to manage and control our emotions, the above strategies should be a good start. Keep in mind it’s up to us to play the victim or slave, or be the victor or the boss to any situation. Choose wisely and cheers to a healthy and happy holiday season ahead!


Perlous, H.. 2017. Control Your Moods, Achieve Your Goals. IDEA Fitness Journal, 14(10).

Good for You Recipe

Spice up your morning oatmeal routine and save time by making this Berry Banana Overnight Oats the night before! Frozen berries maintain most of the nutrients compared to fresh berries so you can always have them handy in your freezer. Greek yogurt is a great source of probiotics and the walnuts are super for brain health!