Happy Holidays BMI Crew!

As 2017 comes to a close, we want to congratulate those of you who had made health and fitness one of your top priorities for the year. After all, as the saying goes, “The greatest wealth is health.” Heading into 2018, we invite you to renew your commitment once again and maybe think about what kind of “Moon Shot” goals you’d like to accomplish. Yes, instead of only reaching for the stars, why not shoot for the moon? Whatever your goals might be, our team of trainers and instructors are there to help you and cheer you on along the way.

To wrap up the year, read up on Amy C Rad’s article on Breaking the Tape. You just might find that extra motivation you need to stay focused and on point over the holiday season.

Looking for a meaningful holiday gift for your friends and family? Consider a BMI Fitness gift card. You decide on the amount and the lucky recipient can use it towards personal training or group fitness. Pick them up next time you’re at the studio or you can purchase e-gift cards at our online store.

Lastly, see our Good For You Recipe section for a creamy and luscious Smoked Gouda Broccoli Soup!

Have a healthy and joyous holiday season with your friends and family and we look forward to seeing you at the studio between holiday errands and parties! ☺

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Group Fit Memories

Congrats to this swaggalicious group of new U-JAM instructors who took Amy C Rad’s training on November 4th! They are going to inspire so many others through music and dance.favorite

So proud of our homegrown dancing beasts Pavi, Cammie, Hope, Annie & Kiana who took the training and are now certified U-JAM Instructors! Way to inspire you girls!

Gratitude Challenge

Thanks to those of you who participated in our Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge. The jar is as full as our hearts!

Congrats to Ravi for winning the raffle and was treated to a free private pilates session with Thao!

December Birthdays!

Both our Boss Lady Thao and Rockstar Trainer David are December babies! Wish them Happy Birthday next time you see them at the studio or book a training appointment with them so they can give you a little or a lot of butt-kicking! :-)

Breaking the Tape

By: Amy Chang Radosevich, MA, ACSM, ACE, AFAA

A few months ago, I shared some of the key insights I gained from attending the IDEA World Fitness Convention. One of the speakers I mentioned was Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect. Since the convention, I’ve subscribed to his free daily mentoring videos. The topics varies from day to day but it’s usually a quick 3 to 5-min video, a great way to jumpstart the day with a dose of motivation and inspiration.

One recent video I watched was titled “Breaking the Tape,” where Darren told a story of how a talented young athlete kept leading the first 80 to 90 percent of his races, only to get overtaken in the final stretch. Luckily, an observant coach saw several of his races from the stands and noticed that right before the finish, instead of focusing on breaking the tape, he would look over his shoulders and that’s when he got passed.

What happens during this seemingly harmless gesture is that he switched his emotions from positive (i.e. hope and possibility of winning the race) to negative (i.e. fear of being overtaken). When he focused on hope and possibility, his brain tells his body to keep pushing and finish strong. When he focused on fear of being overtaken, insecurities can set in and actually slowed him down. Learning from this insight, he was able to go on to win many races and ultimately became an Olympian!

There are quite a few potent lessons here:

First, Darren pointed out that the race is often won or lost in the final push. This means no matter how hard we’ve worked all year towards our fitness or life goals, we could still sabotage ourselves in these last couple weeks of the year. On the contrary, even if you are slightly behind the eight ball at this point, you can still pull ahead in the final push. So, will you finish 2017 with a tape breaking kind of momentum leading into 2018 or will you let go of the gas and just coast to the finish?

This story also serves as a great reminder that we can be much more productive and successful if we only focus on striving to be a better version of ourselves each day, rather than competing against or comparing ourselves with others. Think of all the visionaries and leaders who have inspired us and made significant advances; I doubt any of them are thinking about what the person next to them is doing. They are too busy working towards a frontier that no one else has been or ever imagined.

Lastly, the path to success can become lonely at times. That’s why it could be tempting to look over our shoulders. For the competitive souls out there, looking over the shoulder in fear of being overtaken only serves to bring out insecurities, which is neither useful nor productive. For those of you who are more cooperative in nature, it’s also natural to look over the shoulder and think that maybe we should slow down to let others catch up or even hold their hands and drag them along. While that is noble and altruistic, and may very well be the right thing to do if they are heading towards the same “tape” you are. After all, birds of a feather flock together. However, what if others are simply complacent where they are at and have no intention to get to the tape at all? Will you give up your own chance of getting there or continue on even if that means you might be alone when you get there? As an eternal optimist, I’d like to think that once you break that tape, you might actually find people just like you on the other side of the tape who made that same choice you did. Trust that you will be in great company once again.

I know I didn’t write specifically about how to avoid weight gain over the holidays, or the best 30-min workout to squeeze in when you’re busy with holiday festivities; but I trust that all you beautiful minds out there can apply these lessons to your own journeys in fitness, or in life. Cheers to breaking the tape and beyond!

Good for You Recipe

This creamy and luscious Smoked Gouda Broccoli Soup not only taste good, but is also rich in Vitamin A, C, Folate and Calcium!