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Our annual T-shirt challenge is concluding on March 15th. We are so inspired by all of you who sweated it out enough to earn one! We will let you know once the shirts are in so you can pick yours up and wear it proudly!

Don’t miss Amy C Rad’s article on Goal Reset and Training with a Purpose.

Lastly, see our Good For You Recipe section for a festive Green Eggs and Ham recipe that’s gonna boost your veggie and protein intake.

Let’s finish the first quarter of 2018 strong like the Beast we know you are!

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Group Fit Memories

Wednesday Pound Posse rocked it out hard to celebrate Hope, Hanna and Susan’s birthdays and then we pounded down some grub! The best kind of Girls Night Out! favorite

A “Fun”tastic Saturday U-JAM Master Class with our very own Elite Trainer Amy C Rad 🙂

Congrats to all the brand spanking new U-JAM Instructors from all over the Bay Area! Welcome to our instructor fam bam. United We Jam! favorite

Train With A Purpose

By: Amy Chang Radosevich, MA, ACSM, ACE, AFAA

Congratulations! If you are reading this, I’m assuming there’s a good chance you made it through the dreaded February where many lost their motivation and gave up on their goals and resolutions. You are now officially the EXCEPTION so cheers to that.

But let’s not get too comfortable just yet. While initial motivation, willpower and determination might have gotten you here, it’s important to reflect and ask yourself the following on a regular basis:

- Have I made the right amount of progress towards my goals? If not, why?

- Do I need to change or adjust my goals? If so, why?

- What should my new goals be and why?

For example, if my goal in the beginning of the year was to lose 20 lbs by the end of March. It’s now mid-March and I’ve only lost 5 lbs. That means I’m not making the right amount of progress. This could be because I only averaged 2 workouts per week instead of the 5 suggested by my trainer; or that I was inconsistent in keeping a food log to ensure I’m making the best choices, especially on the days that I made less than optimal choices.

Based on my progress or lack thereof, I’ve now come to the realization that my initial goal is not going to be realistic by end of March. Also, having this constant pressure of chasing a number and a deadline made my workouts and food tracking feel like such a chore, or simply a means to an end.

So now I’m recommitting to a new set of goals:

- Meet with my trainer 2X per week and a minimum of 1 additional workout on my own

- Eat only unprocessed whole foods 5-6 days each week and make sure 50 percent of my plate consist of colorful vegetables

These goals are more focused on the process of becoming more active and healthy. They emphasize quality over quantity, effort over outcome, and still allow for the occasional splurge or treat. Chances are if I follow through with these new goals, the weight and fat loss will naturally happen.

To dig a little deeper, while committing to 2 workouts with my trainer and at least one on my own is a respectable goal, how do I get the most out of these 3 workouts? While some say showing up is half the battle, the question becomes did you really show up? Are you 100 percent focused or are you still thinking about your deadlines at work or what you need to do when you get home? Is this a social hour for you and your trainer to catch up on your weekend adventures, the latest breaking news or are you here to have your trainer push your fitness level to new heights? There’s no judgement here. The reason it’s called “personal” training is that we try to customize the experience to our clients’ needs and preference. If your goal is to build strength and increase muscle mass, we will coach you the proper techniques to lift heavy. If your goal is to train for a marathon, we will write you a training schedule so you can ramp up your mileage safely and include workouts that strengthens your core and your body overall for good running mechanics. Now, if your goal is simply to get in an overall workout that touches on the key elements of fitness and have some built in variety to keep your body challenged, we are here to keep things fun and interesting for you. The point here is that you have to decide WHY you are here so we can help you TRAIN with PURPOSE.

So, chew on this and share your WHY with us in the comments section below so we can do our part in making your workouts purposeful every time.

Good for You Recipe

This version of green eggs and ham is full of spinach, leeks and dill, along with ham and havarti cheese. It’s a great source of Vitamin A and folate. You can serve it with roasted red potatoes and a side salad to make it a satisfying breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner!