Welcome to August BMI Crew!

We’ve got about one and a half months left of summer, what are you doing to make the most of the longer days and perhaps a bit slower pace at the office? We hope you are getting outdoors, hitting the beach, riding your bike, hiking or running those trails when you’re not at the studio sweating it out with us!

If you find yourself going through each week feeling like you are just going through the motions, don’t miss Amy C Rad’s article on how to make each day of the week distinctive.

Our Good For You Recipe this month is a Crockpot Chicken Quinoa Primavera. It’s a great source of protein and veggies and it only takes 10 minutes to prep before you let it just do it’s thing in the slow cooker.

As usual, don’t forget to check our Studio Happenings and BMI Crew Memories to see what’s new and reminisce over the good times we’ve had over the past few weeks.

Let’s continue to stay strong and fit all summer long!

BMI Fitness Team

Quote of the Month

Studio Happenings

Join the band with Amy C Rad on Saturday August 18 and become a Rockstar Pound Pro! Click here to register for the training. Use code ICONCRAD to get $20 off!

BMI Crew Memories

Tuesday night PiYo warriors practicing the “good for you” kind of sitting. Way to rock the chair pose peeps!

Awesome time rocking out with our regular Wed night Pound Posse plus we got special guests Kathy & Steven from Portland, OR!

Saturday AM U-JAM Master Class with Amy C Rad in National Dance Day was FIYAH! Congrats and welcome to all the new Bay Area U-JAM Instructors to who took the training!

BMI Babes who were part of the Beat the Dog Days of Summer Challenge spent a beautiful morning hiking in Palo Alto and we grubbed on some healthy and tasty food at True Food Kitchen! Join us next time!

Make Every Single Day Meaningful

By: Amy Chang Radosevich, MA, ACSM, ACE, AFAA

How often do you hear someone say, “I can’t believe it’s already August!” or “I don’t know where the year went!” I know I get that at least a few times a week or catch myself thinking the same. We all know how precious time is and everyday we get to wake up is a gift. But, why is it that we so easily forget to live every day with intention and purpose and find ourselves wasting this precious resource that we can never get back?

I was recently “podcast surfing” and found an episode from Happier with Gretchen Rubin. The title was Make Each Day Of The Week Distinctive. The point is to make each day feel special and intentional. I thought this is a great reminder for all of us. I often go through my week with a routine of knowing which classes and clients I teach and train each day, when I do my prep work for classes and training sessions, which days I eat at home versus eat out, what and when I do my own workouts etc. etc. You get the idea and perhaps you even run your schedule just like mine. While this keeps me organized and productive, I may not feel like there’s anything special about my days except to produce and deliver. I certainly still get moments of joy, happiness and gratitude when I have an exceptionally energetic and interactive class, a client bringing their 100 percent to their training session, or when I happen to come across a thought provoking article, or have a stimulating conversation with a client, friend or colleague. However, these moments are not guaranteed or intentional. And I may even miss these moments if I’m not mindful. So, our days and weeks can blur together as one mindless routine unless we change our perspective and give each day intent and purpose.

Depending on how you look at it, social media has a way of helping us, or spoon-feeding us what each day should be. If you are active on social media, you are bound to have come across the following hashtags: #motivationmonday, #tacotuesday, #womencrushwednesday, #throwbackthursday, #flexfriday, #socialsaturday, #sundayfunday. The list can go on and on. And almost everyday now is a “National” day of one thing or another. We can certainly go with the flow and have social media tell us what each day’s theme should be, but what if we come up with our own in different areas of our lives? If we put some time and thought into it, it can certainly help us live each day in alignment with our top priorities. It can also help make our everyday lives fun, memorable, and rewarding. For example, if a certain day of the week tends to be extra stressful due to work meetings and deliverables, then schedule a treat for yourself at the end of the day. With something to look forward to, it’s easier to motivate yourself to tackle your day with vigor versus dread. On the contrary, after a day of relaxation and recharge, you may want to hit your hardest workout of the week the day after as your mind and body are ready to take on a new challenge.

If it seems like a monumental task to put a theme to each day of the week for all areas of your life, just start small. You can begin by making each week intentional, or just pick one area of your life to become more intentional. For example, if you find yourself just going through the motions in your workouts, then focus on that for the week. Pick one exercise or skill you want to focus on, do your own research or have your trainer build a program around it so now your workouts have a purpose. For example, I recently followed a 30-day Pull Up Program to try and increase the number of pull ups I can do and that gave me a focus that I didn’t have for a while.

Let’s pick a different area in life. If you are struggling to find happiness and fulfillment in your everyday work or life, spiritual leaders like Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu would encourage you to look outside of yourself. In their book titled The Book Of Joy, they both stated numerous times that when we focus less on our own sufferings and think more about having compassion for others, we naturally become more fulfilled and happy. One idea would be to take on a Meaningful Month Challenge so each day you would have done something meaningful for yourself and others. Below is an example of what your month could look like:

When we start to become more intentional in one area of our lives, the insight we gain will likely cause a ripple effect into other areas. Overtime, we become more mindful as a whole, time becomes richer and more memorable, and we become more aware and grateful. The only question I have for you now is, “Which area will you choose to begin?” Enjoy your journey and I would love for you to share how you go about making each day of your life more meaningful.

Good for You Recipe

This Slow Cooker Chicken Quinoa Primavera only takes 10 minutes to prep and you just leave it in the crockpot for 4 hours and you have a tasty and nutritious dinner and probably have leftovers for lunch the next day too! And it looks so green and pretty. Try it out and let us know how you like it!