Happy Holidays BMI Crew!

Going into the last month of the year, we just want to say we’ve enjoyed every drop of sweat and smile you’ve brought into our community this year and we look forward to loads more of that in 2019!

Keeping yourself accountable towards your health and fitness goals in December takes focus and resolve. Read up on Amy C Rad’s article Sur”Thrive” The Holidays to help you find that extra bit of motivation you may need.

Our Good For You Recipe this month is Broiled Cod with Fennel and Orange. It’s a one sheet pan type dinner that’s fast, healthy and delicious. Perfect dinner to make in between all the holiday festivities!

Looking for a meaningful holiday gift for your friends and family? Consider a BMI Fitness gift card. You decide on the amount and the lucky recipient can use it towards personal training or group fitness. Pick them up next time you’re at the studio or you can purchase e-gift cards at our online store. Some of your favorite trainers’ photos are on the e-gift cards to make it even more fun and personal!

Lastly, check out our Studio Happenings for our New Years Tradition, our feature on The Sweat Report, winner of our Gratitude Challenge and of course some of our fondest memories from last month!

Let’s kick a$$ and finish 2018 stronger than ever!

BMI Fitness Team

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Studio Happenings

Our New Year's Tradition

Ring in the New Year with Amy C Rad on Tuesday January 1st, 2019 for a Pound Rockout Workout Sesh at 10am followed by U-JAM at 11am! Better yet, bring a friend and help them start their year with a bang! Sign up for your spot(s) today!

Hot Off The Press

We are super grateful and honored to be featured in The Sweat Report - The Bay Area Guide to the best workout classes and studios in your hood!

Please feel free to share this review with your friends and they can receive 25% off their first 10-pack Group Fit Pass if they mention The Sweat Report. And if they mention you as the referrer, you will get double BMI rewards points through the end of December! Now that’s a win-win!

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner

Thank you all for filling our Gratitude Jar last month. Reading all your entries filled our hearts! And our winner from the random draw is...drumroll…Cammie Murray! Congrats on winning a 10-pack of Group Fit Classes and we know she will put them to good use being the beast that she is!

Birthday Alerts!

Happy Birthday to our November and December Trainer Babies Angelina, David and Thao! Remember to sing to them next time you are at the studio 😉

BMI Memories


Energy was off the charts in Amy C Rad’s U-JAM Master class last month and a huge warm welcome to our brand new crew of U-JAM instructors! Way to get out of your comfort zones and rise to the challenge!

Good for You Recipe

This Broiled Cod with Fennel and Orange dish is a refreshing change from all the heavy and rich holiday meals. The bonus is that it only takes 30 minutes to make from start to finish and everything cooks on one sheet pan. Try it especially if you need a little detox from your holiday party indulgences!

Sur”Thrive” The Holidays By Being The Fittest Of ‘Em All

By: Amy Chang Radosevich, MA, ACSM, ACE, AFAA

Recently, a couple friends close to my age told me that their blood work was flagged by their doctors for potential issues. This came as a bit of a shock to me and prompted me to look up my own medical records to see when I had any lab work done. Not surprisingly, it was way back in 2012! I emailed my doctor and asked her if she thought it’s time I get things checked again. Her response was not quite what I expected. She told me that she went ahead and ordered the labs for me but thought perhaps I should wait a couple months before getting tested. Her rationale is that most people are on a “holiday diet” between the months of October and December so she typically advise patients not to get tested during this time period. In addition, she suggested that I should be on my best behaviors for a month (i.e. eating as healthy as possible, exercise regularly etc.) before coming in to get my blood drawn. As a fitness professional, you can only imagine what’s going through my mind as I read this! While I didn’t share this with my doctor, and I hope she’s not reading this article or maybe she should, I couldn’t help but feel appalled that here is a medical expert enabling her patients to let themselves go over the holidays and then to cram and pull some all nighters before an exam! It is no wonder that our society continues the cycles of yo-yo dieting and exercising with no end in sight.

Okay, sorry for the soap box moment. About the same time last year, I blogged about the concept of “breaking the tape,” based on the story of a talented runner who kept losing in the last seconds of a race because just before he’s about to win, he looks over his shoulder which costed him his victories. Once his coach realized that and worked with him on it, he went on a winning streak right after. Just as a champion athlete would never slow down when he sees the finish line, neither should we if we are serious about our health and wellbeing. The big difference is if we practice self-care consistently and with a bit of luck, our “finish line” will not be here for years to come and our journey to the finish line could be way more enjoyable than otherwise.

I don’t recall when the shift happened but instead of being the most wonderful time of year, the holidays has somehow morphed into the most stressful time of the year. I see articles after articles about how to “survive” the holidays. The words “survive” and “holiday” being in the same sentence seems like quite the oxymoron. When it comes to survival, it’s only appropriate that we think about being the fittest. So this year, to bring back some of that holiday wonder, I invite you to not only survive, but to sur”thrive” by being the fittest of ‘em all! Here are my top tips to help us all truly be “the life” of the holiday parties:

1. Set a goal

We all know that if we don’t schedule the workouts into our calendars or have a specific and measurable goal, chances are it won’t happen once the holiday madness hits. Why not reach for the stars and challenge yourself to complete 20 workouts in December? Know that it doesn’t have to be an hour or more, even 15 to 20 minutes can be very effective if we keep the intensity up. The goal here is to keep the momentum going throughout the month. If you are a visual or a checklist driven person, put a big red check mark on a wall calendar every time you got your workout in and you just may love seeing the chain of check marks so much that you can’t wait to hit your next sweat sesh!

2. Change your mindset

Many people see working out, exercising or being physically active as an optional activity or luxury that one can choose to do with or without. But people who have managed to make being active a lifestyle will tell you that it really is no different than sleeping, eating or brushing and flossing your teeth. If you don’t brush or floss your teeth for a day, it’s a little gross but no major harm done. However, if you keep that up for weeks or months, your next dentist visit will most certainly be a torture with all the plaque build up. Not moving your body everyday is very much the same, except this time the plaque builds up in your arteries and your weak and atrophied muscles may feel just like those sensitive teeth and gums.

3. Use it so you don’t lose it

Most of you are probably familiar with the phrase “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” This applies to both our brains and our bodies as they are all muscles and needs to be challenged and stimulated on a regular basis. Unless you are stuck in a mindless job or choose to pacify yourself in front of the TV all day, you are probably challenging your mind each day to a certain extent at your work or when you’re trying to solve that crossword puzzle. Of course, you can go above and beyond and read ferociously or engage in thought provoking conversations with your intellectual and creative friends and colleagues to further flex your mind muscles. But how about your body? Just like your brain, you need to regularly challenge it with a variety of stimulus to keep it functioning at tip top shape.

4. Choose which animal you want to be at the party

Whether or not you like holiday parties, if you choose to go, try to remember WHY you’re there. The purpose of most parties are to encourage bonding and connections between co-workers, friends, family etc. So, do you want to be the social butterfly who’s having engaging conversations and catching up with old friends, dancing the night away under the disco ball, or the person who hovers over the buffet table or glued to your stool at the bar? And while there’s nothing wrong with fueling up at a party especially if you just got done a tough workout before hitting the party, focus on what you should put in your body versus what you shouldn’t be eating. That way, you are more likely to fill your plate with the nutritious foods and leave the indulgences to a minimum. Remember, the first couple bites are the best anyway so leave it at that.

5. Holidays are about giving, not gifting

If you are stressing out about finding the perfect gift for everyone on your nice list, take a deep breath and remember that the people who truly matters in your life don’t give a sh$$ about what gift they get from you. Do you remember the last time you loved a family member or a friend less because they didn’t get you the perfect gift or any gift for that matter? It’s probably way more meaningful to give someone gifts throughout the year when you come across something that made you think of them. Chances are they will appreciate and remember it even more than any holiday gift baskets.

6. Remember the Compound Effect

Just to reiterate one of my favorite quotes by Darren Hardy at the beginning of this article, “The accomplishment of any goal is the progressive accumulation, or compound effect, of small steps taken consistently over time.” The emphasis is on “small steps” and “consistency,” which can be continued throughout the year, holidays or not. So, cheers to being wonderfully stress free and fit this holiday season!